vitality through play and humour

“Experience the world through play“

Playing together has a whole range of positive effects for staying mentally and physically fit in old age. Laughing relaxes the body, mind and soul, encourages self-healing powers and eases communication. Humour refreshes, binds and relaxes people.


  • The child in us:
    Awaken the joy of discovering one’s own creativity, live using all the senses and develop real spontaneity, curiosity and imagination
  • Learning to relax:
    Exercises in humour and games reduce tension and stress; laughing works wonders and encourages allround good health
  • Effects on everyday life:
    many impulses for being more communicative, well-balance and humorous in everyday life and at work; experiencing new vitality, elan and the joy of living


  • Presentation with practical examples: approx 30 mins, by arrangement
  • Seminars and workshops: 1-2 days