New Games

The New Games Movement was founded in the 1970s in California and is now world-famous. Longstanding and “new“ New Games require little material and are suitable for the young and old, large and small groups. These fascinating games require a certain “spirit of play“ for them to be successful.


  • New Games Theory:
    observe the basic principles, namely “play hard, play fair, nobody hurt“, recognise that the abilities and needs of the players are paramount
  • New Games Spirit:
    the positive experience of playing together is more important than winning or losing; the rules of the game are always flexible. What counts is the enjoyment of playing
  • The practice of playing:
    experience a variety of New Games and games for large groups suitable for all age groups, for indoors and outdoors, some active, others calmer
  • The games chest:
    innovative materials and tips for all age groups; specialist literature


  • Seminars and workshops: 1-2 days