encouraging peace through fairplay

Sports4Peace Cube

The Sports4Peace project aims to encourage peace through an approach based on fairplay, communication and interaction. The effectiveness of a Sports4Peace activity – at school or during free time – depends on the sound preparation, both theoretical and practical, for it.


  • Theoretical background:
    aims of Sports4Peace, the pedagogical concept of the six ‘revolutionary’ rules of the game, opportunities for education.
  • Applying strategies:
    successful examples of running sports4peace activities with different age groups, time periods or number of participants.
  • The role of the Sports4Peace-leader:
    facilitating playfulness and positive interaction, effective leadership, teambuilding techniques


  • Multimedia – project presentation: 45 min or longer
  • interactive workshop with applications, games and resource materials:
    1-3 days
  • training course: 2x2 days, including 1 sports or games festival

For whom

teachers, groupleaders, social workers, educators etc.